Micro Frontends as a Service

DivSrc provides an end-to-end cloud based management service to build fast and scalable web applications powered by micro frontends architecture. Try it for free.

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Why build web applications with DivSrc?



Streamlines communication between teams to facilitate visibility within the organization and live workflow transparency.

Version Management

Version Management

Seamless version releases. Makes full CI/CD process of all the host apps redundant.

Private and Secure

Private and Secure

Maintain the integrity and security of your code base at the highest standards.

Utmost Flexibility

Utmost Flexibility

On-premise, hybrid, cloud. No vendor lock-in.

DivSrc shortens the time to market by providing a plug and play management platform to ensure perfectly synced teams

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Get Started by choosing your integration

Choose between DivSrc SDK, or integrate with your favorite 3rd party SDK (single-spa, webpack module federation)

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Share and Reuse with DivSrc Enterprise Hub

Organize all your micro apps in a single instructive workspace for intuitive discovery and communication across the development teams.

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Continuous Feedback

Ensures the workflow is documented and tested. We enable product managers, QA, and designers to control the development and release flow.

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Discover Even More Possibilities

Optimize your resources by facilitating a true adoption of micro frontends orchestration across teams and projects, which increases consistency and prevents mistakes.


Achieve discoverability and find all micro apps in one place.

Fast Release

Gradually rollout - canary release


A/B testing. Single environment for testing, automation and QA

Getting started is easy

Start to build a modern web apps with DivSrc.io

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